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KPMG Donates Books to Holdeman Students

Post Date:04/06/2017

HoldemanKPMG1_400x244This past Christmas, KPMG, a tax, audit, and advising company, made a special book donation to Holdeman Elementary’s library. In order to continue with the company’s Read to Succeed initiative that has helped donate more than 150,000 books to schools across the country, KPMG recently revisited Holdeman to place even more books in the hands of students.

Unlike the previous donation, this time every student was able to take home a book to keep – an exciting surprise for the Holdeman Huskies. Kids poured into the library by grade-level where they were greeted by tables of books and KPMG staff members to help pick out three books of their choosing.

“The fact that they get to take the books home is really special to these kids,” explained Holdeman Librarian Donna Ruggles. “Many of them don’t have any books of their own so this will be the start of their home library.”

HoldemanKPMG2_400x244Amidst the excited gasps, as students found books with their favorite cartoon characters, was talk of choosing books their siblings would like.

“That definitely came as a shock to me,” said Ruggles, referring to the Holdeman students’ selflessness. “I did not expect so many kids to pick out books with their younger brothers and sisters in mind.”

“Our firm has always placed an emphasis on education,” stated KPMG employee Helen Penksa-Harding. “We want them to succeed and reading is fundamental to that.”

KPMG’s Read to Succeed is a nationwide initiative that works hard to combat illiteracy rates among the youth. The company has donated 2,500 books to Holdeman alone, while also donating to schools around the country.

HoldemanKPMG3_400x244“Being able to expand a school’s library is essential in bringing interest to reading among the kids,” mentioned Penksa-Harding. “We also recognize how important it is to get the books into the hands of the students to take home so they can access them whenever they want.”

Thank you so much to KPMG and all the staff that helped make this event so successful!

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