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Fourteen Tempe Elementary Schools Achieve Positive Behavior Awards

Post Date:05/18/2017 11:20 AM

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Congratulations to the 2017 Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports of Arizona (PBISaz) Achievement Award recipients! On May 5, PBISaz recognized the successes of schools throughout Arizona that have demonstrated both high fidelity of implementation and measurable results at their Achievement Awards Luncheon.

Fourteen schools within the Tempe Elementary School District were honored at this event. Not only did all of our schools who applied for PBIS recognition receive an award, but Tempe Elementary also had the highest number of schools receiving Achievement Awards out of all school districts at this event. 

Tempe Elementary PBIS Coordinator Mindy Udall was thrilled when her email inbox began pinging in April with messages from Tempe Elementary school sites letting her know they had received the PBIS award they had applied for.

“I am constantly amazed at the hard work, creativity, perseverance and initiative of the staff at each school,” said Udall. “I enjoy my role as the PBIS Coordinator because it allows me to be at all schools and see all the wonderful ideas they have put into action.”

The purpose of the PBISaz Achievement Award is to identify and recognize schools for successful implementation of schoolwide systems of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Criteria are based on effective implementation of the essential PBIS components outlined by the National Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

For the past four years, PBIS practices have been a District-wide initiative. Administration, support staff, teachers, counselors, and psychologists are all on board to help integrate these positive behavioral practices at our schools. Most importantly, Tempe Elementary students fulfill this expectation by directly benefitting from PBIS practices each and every day.

This is the second year that Tempe Elementary schools have been honored at the PBISaz Achievement Awards Luncheon. Aguilar Elementary and Rover Elementary both achieved Merit awards for the 2015-2016 school year. With 14 schools being honored this school year, Tempe Elementary has more than surpassed their record.

“The greatest impact of PBIS that I have seen is positive and happy students who are reinforced for making good choices both academically and behaviorally,” said Udall. “Also, there is visible impact from our staff who use research and best practices in providing those interventions for each student.” 

Psychologist Nakita Westrich has been instrumental in helping Aguilar and Rover Elementary achieve PBISaz Achievement Awards both this year and last year. As the PBIS lead at her schools, she convenes with administration, staff, and teachers to help provide tools and resources to help them implement sound PBIS methods.

“PBIS benefits all students through a culture of positivity, consistent practices, and ongoing data analysis,” said Westrich. “We pursued PBISaz recognition in order to demonstrate to our parents and community that we implement and value the power of positivity.”

The PBISaz Luncheon was a great opportunity for Tempe Elementary schools to feel a sense of accomplishment for all of the work they have done to make their schools a more positive and productive place for their students.

“I am so proud of all the work that our school teams are doing to provide the best positive environments for our students and staff,” said Westrich. “The way our school teams have supported one another, the way that our school administrators have supported PBIS, and the way that Mindy Udall has led our schools have all been impressive components of this endeavor. I am excited to see how we will continue to grow in PBIS implementation in the future!”

Congratulations to our amazing administrators, psychologists, teachers, support staff, counselors, and students who made the PBISaz Achievement Awards possible! Please see winning schools below:

PBISaz Award Designation



Arredondo Elementary


Aguilar Elementary


Broadmor Elementary


Rover Elementary


Thew Elementary


Carminati Elementary


Frank Elementary


Gililland Middle School


Holdeman Elementary


Hudson Elementary


Laird School


Nevitt Elementary


Scales Technology Academy


Wood Elementary


To read each school’s success stories and see student achievement data, please visit

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