PBIS / Positive Discipline

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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) are used to improve academic and behavioral outcomes, ensuring that all students have access to the most effective behavioral practices and interventions possible. PBIS provides a school wide framework for achieving these outcomes. PBIS is a decision making framework that guides selection, integration and implementation of the best evidence based behavioral practices and interventions for improving behavioral outcomes to ensure academic success in all students.  

Hudson uses the PAX behavior program. Each week Hudson honors one student from each class for great PAX behavior. These students get a picture taken with Officer Sue and her police car, their name is listed on the announcements and is posted on our PAX bulletin board. For more information about PAX, please visit

Students demonstrating PBIS behavior are recognized and celebrated throughout the year.

Hudson received the 2017 Merit Award from the PBISaz Achievement Awards.


Hudson Elementary School provides a respectful and nurturing environment committed to academic excellence and student success through a structured learning environment. The implementation of PBIS has allowed us to strengthen and nurture the development of positive self-esteem through our PAX Leadership program. The PAX program is based on the Latin word, PAX, which means people have productivity and peace, and they are happy and healthy. For more detail, please visit