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Parent Involvement

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Meyer Montessori Parent Service Program

Building a learning community and partnership with our families is critical to the success of Meyer Montessori. Family support and participation beyond the classroom helps to create a learning community that nurtures the whole child as they develop through the “Four Planes” of social and emotional growth and development.

A minimum of 10 parent service hours per family is required every year. Families can share their expertise and volunteer their time in multiple capacities. Our goal is to get families involved so we can create a bridge between home and school. All hours must be completed by the end of the academic school year.

Parents or guardians who wish to chaperone a “Going Out” or directly volunteer around Meyer Montessori must fill out a Volunteer Application every year. Fingerprint clearance is required for all “Going Outs” and for volunteering around the school. Applications are available in the school office and fingerprinting will be done at the district office.

Parents, grandparents, and/or siblings over the age of 18 are able to fulfill the requirements. Other family members wishing to complete hours for the family must go to the district office and complete a volunteer application. The process requires fingerprinting of the individual and can take up to three (3) weeks to process. They need to be accompanied by the parent, grandparent and/or sibling over the age of 18 when coming to volunteer at Meyer Montessori.

When volunteering on campus or on a “Going Out” we ask that children who do not attend Meyer Montessori not accompany the parent and/or guardian during the school hours of operation. If you would like to request permission for under-age persons to attend a special event it must be approved by the principal.

A parent/guide association (PTA) coordinates parent efforts in support of the school. The activities of the parent association are usually concentrated in three areas: coordination of parent volunteers, fundraising, and organization of school-wide social events. Your presence at PTA and site council monthly meetings as well as other school sponsored events is highly encouraged.

Parent Education

As parents, you are key participants in your child’s learning process. In order for your child to benefit fully from the Montessori education you have decided upon, you must learn as much as possible about the goals and methods of Montessori education.

Here are some beneficial guidelines:

Attend Orientations-Information Night, Meet the Guide, Curriculum Night:

Orientation acquaints you with the policies of the school and informs you of how your child can receive maximum benefits from the Montessori Method of learning.  We truly believe that, as a school of choice, it is our responsibility to educate prospective parents so that they can make the best choice for their child’s education.

Attend Parent Guide Conferences:

There are two regularly scheduled conferences each year. In addition, a parent or guide may request a conference at any time. The guide may schedule an appointment at a time convenient to both parent and guide. The conferences are only for parents and guides unless otherwise noted.

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